My name is Katherine Hartman and I am a lifelong resident of Burlington County. I was born in Moorestown New Jersey; raised my children here and own a small business on Main Street.


As a civil rights attorney I have spent the last twenty six years challenging those who abuse their power and defending and championing the rights of the people. The reasons I am now a Congressional Candidate in the Third District are many: I was taught and I believe that the truth matters.  As an attorney I realize truth is essential to achieving justice. The dishonesty and lack of morality in Washington is unacceptable and we deserve better. It has become the norm to have the news delivered in the context of what is good for the democrats or republicans.

Katherine Hartman for Congress
Katherine Hartman for Congress

What about the American people? What about the constituents from the New Jersey 3rd Congressional District? My focus is and always will be what is good for you! My initial platform is largely focused on revitalizing our local economy; promoting small business, protecting the environment for the next generation, bringing healthcare to all citizens, honoring and fighting for equality for all and most importantly helping bring integrity back to Washington. Unlike our current congressman, I didn’t move into this district to run for office and I am not going to use this seat as a stepping stone for higher office. I feel compelled to run to provide you with an honest local leader who has your interests at heart and to help better the community I have called home for my entire life. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you and ultimately to represent you as your Congresswoman. I ask you for your support and I thank you for your contribution.

Katherine Hartman for Congress

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